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Ten Years and Still Going!

Sunday December 8, 2013 was the club's 10th anniversary. A momentous date, indeed! To celebrate we all gathered at The Ames Gallery in Berkeley for a spectacular evening put on my gallery owners Sy and Bonnie Grossman. Anyone living in the Bay Area who doesn't know The Ames Gallery is like someone living in Paris who does not know Notre Dame.

The Ames features a world class collection of outsider art art done by "non-artists" unrecognized by the official art establishment. Enter and you will marvel. Eight of the gallery's drawings by the wonderfully eccentric San Francisco artist A.G. Rizzoli were at the Venice Biennale this year. Along with a number of invited guests we were 25 in all to meet at the gallery for a grand feast of food and a good time beyond all measure.

The menu went on an on with a variety of dishes that were impossible to all taste and was topped by an array of chocolate desserts to sate the most hard core chocolate enthusiasts. Everyone in the club received an award, a gold cup on a sparkling red necklace.

Our club founder, President and Grand Pooba Leonard was presented with a crown, two impressive Pope rings as they are known, and a decorative gold necklace. By the end of the evening everyone staggered out totally drunk with pleasure.






Club member Clifton Baron informed us that sadly he was not able to attend.


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